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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The fleet of imagination!

How fast can the fleet of the mind be? The very thought takes you on a tour to a whole lot of impressions encrypted within the folds of consciousness. To conjecture the speed of this fleet, has been a challenge for me while I have tried painstakingly to trace the track of my thoughts. While I was trying to think how fruitless my contemplations are at the moment and how any soul treading upon my blog may think what a waste of effort this post might be, I stumbled upon the value of imagination in today's world. 

No doubt all creativity and innovation that the current world craves for is a corrolary of imagination, but what gives it a value is the conviction and the ability to prove it in terms of concrete numbers or revenue if I may say. Imagination is no longer a matter of delight: it's not a suspension of disbelieve, it's not a representation of reality where reality was a matter of subjectivity. It's numbers, today!

I can never deny that the way Aristotle represented reality through epic and poetry; through mimesis and cathersis are innovation. Nor can I say that what Shakespeare developed with the universal sentiments of love, sacrifise, revenge and hatred are not innovation. The blend of poetry, music, dramatics and emotions was what created and sustained a genre for about a century and gave it the well deserved immortality. 

However, today, we no longer sit back amazed, and wonder about the excelence of creativity. We grab it, we grab a couple of others and we call that an ideating cycle. We weight that, tear that apart into numbers and squash that to bring it on an equilibrium plain for scalability's sake. Afterall, only if they come to the same platform do they compete. 

Competition, an overarching phenomenon.

Data. We are encouraged to look at data from a hundred different creative ways, so it brings forthe innovation. But we don't have a clue how to look at things beyond data. Do we? How do we imagine given the situation?  

I'll come back to my fleet of imagination...

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