Life is beautiful.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flipping through my thoughts...

Life has always put me in positions where I have had to struggle. You start thinking that everything is going fine and something else comes up that makes you feel doomed. You start pulling up your sleeves with full enthusiasm leaving all your frustrations behind and you fall into another pit hole that reminds you where your place is. Somehow it is strange that in spite of all the positive thoughts, all wisdom we are flooded with, we can't help feeling helpless. Well, my use of this overarching pronoun 'we' may not be very convincing for some but I do think that most people will agree and come up with something like, "Friend, this is life."

Well, yes, this is life indeed and there are always two sides of a coin. No wonder life appears tough but that is how we grow. For a bean to sprout there has to be a crack. To put that scientifically, for a bud to shower its splendor to an onlooker's eye, the scales have to fall off leaving "horizontally-elongated scars . It reminds me of a chick that hatches from an egg, the blades of grass that replace the dead ones after a shower, crowned with silver drops and the sense of relief after weeping to the heart's content.

Disappointments are part of life, in no way can we get away from their overreaching influence. So how do we stay composed is the question. Coming from someone established as a panic queen this might sound strange but this is the consistent fruit of my persistent contemplations. To elaborate, after every crisis gets resolved, I promise to remain calm and composed and handle pressure well in the future...not that I look forward to a crisis... Probably, this post is an attempt to remind myself of my promise, as I always say every narrative is an attempt to formulate the writer's thoughts.

The plaintive tone of the first line of my blog might sound very demoralizing and I can't thank you enough for being with me untill the last line. I promise to come back with a cheerful tone in my next post and assure you that my promises are not always meant to be broken.


Mariposa... said...

too good Rasika...Sometimes wild thoughts take beautiful shapes...just like wild creepers have a natural beauty...

I too join you in saying..."Yes, life's like that..."

Nitu said...

First thing first..Now what does the "Do re me faa" mean? A modern or antique piece :)
All wisdom, yet can't help feeling brilliantly put!! On philosophical self, I accept the "horizontally-elongated scars". But it is frustrating when I can see only the scars, not the beautiful buds. The scars mean nothing when no bud rises :(
Yes, it is a bit disheartening to see you in a plaintive tone..that too in the very first post. But as you said..we are like the coins..with two sides..Sometimes I wish I would never flip the coin..never want to see my own other side..But this is life, it does flip on its own..turning upside down so many times..
Keep writing..I m luving it :)